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Unformatted text preview: 139 Laboratory Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology, Sixth Edition Dissections i l,,t,,lll' t,,: "i...r'iti Maior (Al Veins and (B) Arteries 0f the Cat Abdominopelvic Wall 9' 1. Kiclney Z. Uritci (cut J. anc,l lirrgely removed) Abclorninal vena cava (rernovecl in B) 4. Abdomir-ral aorta (cut A) 5. Psoas rnr-rscle removecl antl ir.r 6. (leliac artery (cut and removed) 7. Superior rnesentcric artery (cut ani rerliov,,cl) 8. Renal vein Renal alterY 10. I'ferior rnese'teric a.tcry (cut and rernoved) 11' Ilblurnbar veir.r 12' Ilioltrrnbar artery 1J. Comrnon iliac vein 14. Extemal iliac arterl' (no common iliac artcry in cats) 1-5' External iliac vein 16. Internal iliac (hypogastnc) artery 17' internal iliac (hypogastric) r'ein 18. Fernoral vein 19. Fernoral artely 20. Deep lernoral vcin 21. Deep fernoral artery 22. Caudal vein 23. Median sacral (cauclal) artery 24. Rectum (cut) 25. Urinary bladcft:r (reflectccl ancl pinncd) 123 ...
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