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Laboratory Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology, Sixth Edition Dissections t2l Figure 4-27 Urogenital Systom ofthe Female Gat (A) Nonpregnant; (B) Pregnant, 1. Liver 2. Stomach (pylorus) 3. Small intestine 4. Kidney 5. Ureter 6. Abdominal aorta 7. External iliac artery 8. Caudal (median sacral artery) 9. Renal artery 10. Ovarian artery 11. Ovary 12. Urinary bladder (reflected and pinned) 13. Uterus 14. Uterine hom (in B, left hom contains two fetuses; right hom, three fetuses)
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Unformatted text preview: 15. Rectum (cut in A) 16. Extemal iliac artery and vein 17. Femoral triangle (containing femoral nerye, artery and vein) 18. Ovarian vein 19. Iliolumbar artery and vein 20. Abdominal vena cava (split into two parallel vessels in A) 21. Iliolumbar artery 22. Pancreas 23. Spleen 24. Adrenal gland 25. Hepatic portal vein (cut) 26. Fetus 27. Placenta 28. Le{t gastroepiploic vein 29. Right gastroepiploic vein...
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