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Laboratory Atlas of Anatomy and Physiologyi Sixlh Edi:lon Dissections lL? Fioure 4-23 th-orax of the Cat, Heart and Lungs Removod l. Irachea 2. EsoPhagus 3. Aortic arch 4. Brachiocephalic arterY i. ntgtt commoncarotid afiery 6. Left common carotid aftery 7. Vagus nerve 8. SYmPathetic trunk 9. Leksubclavian
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Unformatted text preview: artery 10. Phrenic newe 1.1. Vertebral artery 12. Subclavian artery 13. ThYrocervical artery 14. Intemal mammary artery 15. Right and left Primary bronchi 16. lnferior vena cava 17. DiaPhragm 18. Rib 19. Tiansverse scaPular artery 20. SubscaPular artery (cut)...
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