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128 TLZ CHAPTER 4 Ffrgure 4-18 Deep Muscles of the Gat Shoulder and Thorax, Right Ventral View 1. Latissimus dorsi muscle (rctlectcJ) 2. Scalenus muscles a. Ancerior (continuous with transversus costarum) b. Medius c. Pclsterior 3. Axillary artery (a) and vein (v) 4. Radial nerve -5. Extemal
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Unformatted text preview: jugular vein 6. Internal jugular vein 7. Thoracodorsal nervc 8. Long thclracic nerve 9. Thoracoacromial blood vessels 10. Serratus ventralis muscle 1 1. Teres major muscle 12. Subscapularis muscle lJ. Stemum 14. Ventral thoracic nerve 15. Pectoralis muscles (reflec.ted)...
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