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Laboratory Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology' Sixth Edition Dissections 111 (A) Figure 4-16 il,ili:#'il'scles of the cat Leftllind Limb: *:yl-T:::' iiSTii:il#:;;;;"i;'l;'"ct; (B) Sartori"::::,::1"'::::T 6. Pectineus muscle 1. Rectui abdominis muscle Z. External oblique muscle 3. Sartorius muscle (cut in R) +. it.nront muscle (deep to blood vessels) 5. Femoral arterY (a), vein (v)' and nerve (n) vessels) 7. Adductor iongus muscle 8. Adductor femoris truscle 9. Gracilis muscle 10. Semitendinosus muscle 11. . Greatet saPhenous vein Fiuure 4-l 7 bt"p Uu*tfu* 0f the Cat Left Hind Limb' Medial AsPect l. Sartorius musclc (ctrr) 2. Tensor fascia latae muscle 3. Vastus lateralis muscle 4. Rectus femoris muscle l. i.*.trf artery (a), vein (r')' and.nerve (n) e. uiJai. .u,-tdui ft*otul
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Unformatted text preview: artety and vein 7. Pectineus uiuscle 8. Adductor longus muscle 9. Adductor femoris muscle 10. Cracilis muscle (cut) 11. Semimembranosus muscle 12. Semitendinosus muscle 13. BicePs fetnoris muscle 14. Cjastrocnemius muscle (reflected) 15. Soleus muscle 16. Achilles tendon 17. Postelior tibial nerve i8., hallucis longus muscle ig. pt.*nt digitorum longus muscle 20. Tibialis Posterior muscle 21. Tibia 22. Tibialis anterior niuscle 23. Protirrral extensor retinaculum 24. Vastus medialis rnuscle remorted. (deep to blood 12. Branch of obturator nerve 13. Tensor fascia latae muscle 14. Sernimembranosus muscle 15. Vastus lateralis muscle 16. Rectus felnoris muscie 17. Gastrocnemius muscle 18. Vastus medialis rnuscle...
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