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IMG_0129 - muscle 12 Sciatic r-rerve 1-J Cornmon peroneal...

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126 Human Anatomy & physiology lIO CHAPTER 4 Figr:re 4"'!S Deep Muscles of tho Cat Left Hind Limb, Dorsal View 1. Lurnbodorsal fascia 2. Sartorius muscle l" Gnsor fascia latae rnuscle 4. Vastus lirteralis muscle 5. Glureus rnedius musclt: (under fascia) 6. Gluteus maximus muscle (under fascia) 7. Caudof'ernoralis musclt: il. Biccps f'emoris muscle (cut) 9. Semitendinosus muscle (cut) 10. Semirnernbranosus muscle 11. Adductor
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Unformatted text preview: muscle 12. Sciatic r-rerve 1-J. Cornmon peroneal divisitxt of sciatic nerve 14. Tibial division of sciatic nerve 15. Gastrocnemius muscle 16. Soleus muscle 17. Achilles rendon 18. Flexor hallucis longus muscle i9. 20. 2r. 2t. 23. Peroneus longus muscle Tibialis anteriur muscle Extensor digitorurn longus muscle ProximaI extensor retinaculum Distal extensor retinacuIum...
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