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Laboratory Atlas of Anatomv and Plv:i:!:gl :l$ Edill"" Dissections Figure 4-14 Sunerficial Muscles or th; Cat Left Hind Limb' Dorsal View 1. Lumbodorsal fascia 2. Sartorius muscle 3. Tensorfascialatae muscle 4. lliotibial tract 5. Gluteus medius muscle. 6. Giur.,,t maximus muscle ?. Caudofemoralis muscte 8. BicePs femoris
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Unformatted text preview: muscle. 9. Semitendinosus muscle 10. Semimembranosus muscle I 1. Gastrocnemius muscte 12. Soleus muscle 13. Achilles tendon 14. Calcaneal tuberositY 15. Flexor hallucis longus muscle t6. Pootlt"t brevis muscle ii. P"t""."t longus muscle and tendon rs. iibiatis anterior muscle M 10eI...
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