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LaboratoryAtlasofAnatomyandPhysiology'sixthEdition 123 Dissections 10? Fisure 4-12 bJtp fVfu.tftt of the Gat Neck and Back 1, Nuchal ligament ;. e;;";;;n-;zius tnuscle (reflected on left) 3. Acromiotrapezius muscle (cut' temoved altogether on left) 4. SuPtasPinatus muscle 5. ln{tasPinatus muscle e. iri. .o' brachii muscle (long head) . ;. i;';;, brachii mu'cl' (lateral head) 8. Acromiodeltoid muscle 9. Spinodeltoid
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Unformatted text preview: muscle lb. Rhor"boideus caPitis muscle 11. Splenius caPitis muscle ii. nho-boid"us minor muscle ti. Rhomboideus major muscle 14. Spinotrapezius muscle 15. Latissimus .lorri *,rr.l. (reflected on left' partially removed on right) 16. Multifidus muscle 1?. Longissimus muscle 18. SPinalis muscle 19. lliocostalis muscle ii,. I"J"a*sal fascia (largelv removed)...
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