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122 106 CHAPTER 4 Figure 4-'1"! Superficial Muscles 0f the Cat Neck and Back 1. Nuchal ligament Z. Clavotrapezius muscle 3. Clavobrachialis muscle 4. Acrorniotrapezius muscle (cut and reflected on right) 5. Supraspinatus muscle 6. Acromiodeltoid muscle 7. Spinodeltoid rnuscle
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Unformatted text preview: t3. Tiiceps brachii muscle (long head) 9. C--ephalic vein 10. Rhomboideus minor muscle 1 1. Rhomboideus capitis muscle (occipitoscapularis muscle) 12. Splenius capitis muscle 13. Spinomapezius muscle 14. Latissimus dorsi rnuscle 15. Lumbodorsal fascia...
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