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laboraroryAuas ofA*lory1nO ph),riolon , r*h Fdition .t::;,r:t:ri,i:i,:,.rr'r I'' i_l:r!r:tii' : 1 : .,. .',:ffg. figure4-g Dissections ueop iltuscle. nrrr _ ; .';ll;::, ;nft;il*Ji:ffi ri'r. Dorsa, uiew i E;.^"::18.'torum I, 4 c. ""o', orgirorum ^;f3l1s^muscfe fcutl r' f,Xtensn";^J, -"r L( ; 5-,""#iifli;'; ii.r','',,i,|u"'" r.u,, i
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Unformatted text preview: ft:l:ilF: *{,,T,,:'#,T,:" t03 ,l'cwrrrro".l ii o"Jl"ll* f tinacu,tur ij r"J,l',i"lj 9jr',' r1",,1, (,1""T# a rpa,r,r iga rn sn 1, 1 t,l. p-_,^]"o. dlgitorum rr r / h- \tLrrJor indic;. .^- ,thdon' .:. -nrachiarrs mulio.,,uon f d:'.T.T:-,f;,T{ffi. .*iiJifri::,,, ,,i fli4;";;l;:;:o.::^n "."" # f:#,"*1r#.TT.,[:...
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