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IMG_0121 - Extensor di!iro r"r,aorn ii...

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Dissections Figure 4.g Deep lVlu_scles of the. Cat left Thoracic [imb, Dorsal View j lj.^:^::::rpi ulnaris muscre (cut) i Frtr:: ffi"*:l;:,T:tll.::,:,'rrt,, r. Fr.xtensor pollicis brevis muscle :. :xre::orc,arpi radialis muscle /. tsrachioradialis muscle 6. Radial nerve 9. Cephalic vein Ii. ff':*:::::l,Tlli rtu,,."r carpar rigamenr) 11. Extensor digitt minlmi tendon 03 1 I2.
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Unformatted text preview: Extensor di!iro** r"r,aorn ii f;l,'iill1lJfJff""",* 15. Median nerve 16. Ulnar nerve 2 l. Posterior irt"ro-r-r".ou, n..ue LL. elavobrachialis muscle z:. Acromlodeltoid muscle zf. Spinodeltoid muscle z>. Latissimus dorsi muscle lJ. T::::P::chii muscre (mediar head) l3 T:::F,ry"',*r" iffiT:ff; 20. Anconeus muscle j3. *::::::":l *"'r' i''"'iiiii%, *,r...
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