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.rze :,.4 \- ii:liiil;''t ir.,i Superficial Muscles of the Cat Left Thoracic Limb. Dorsal View 1. Flexor ca4ri ulnaris muscle Z. Exteusor carl'ri ulnaris muscle J. Extensor digitorum latcralis rnusclc 4. Extensor grilicis brevis musclc 5. Exl.'ttror rligit()rum et)mlnunis rnusc-[e 6. Extcnsor ca4'ri radialis brevis muscle 7. Extcnsor carpi radialis longus musclc Brachioradialis muscle C)ephalic vein Extensor retinacultun
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Unformatted text preview: (dorsal carpaI ligament) Triccps brachii muscle (latcral heaJ) Tiiccps brac.hii muscle (long head) Anconeus muscle Rrachialis muscle Clavobrachialis rnusclc 16. Acrorniodeltoicl muscle 17. Spinodeltoid mr-rscle 18. Acrorniotrapezius rnuscle 19. Latissimus clorsi muscle 20. Li:vator scapulae ventralis 21. Antebrachial firscia tl. 9. 10. 11. T7, 13. 14. 15....
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