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Dissections 5:11'ft ,L-.,,, or the Gat Left Thoracic Limb' 101 Ventral Viow 'i.' ii.""t ."*i ulnaris muscle (cut and reflected) Z. ialmads longus muscle (cut and reflected) 3. Flexor carPi radialis '' ;;;it i';t and reflected) 4. 5. 6. Flexor retinaculum Extensor carPi ulnaris . Cutaneous branch of ulnar ne1ve ?. Ulnar nerve 8. Flexor digitorum profundus 9. Median nerve 10. Pronator teres muscle
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Extensor carPi radialis muscle 12. Brachioradialis muscle (cut) t3. dhuobrachialis muscle (cut and reflected) 14. Biceps brachii muscte 15. Radial nerve 16. Musculocutaneous newe L?. AxillarY nerve 18. Subclavian vein 19. Ventral thoracic newe (cut) 20. Thotacic nerve ii. rti. .Pt ttachii muscle ii. i"rltti^* dorsi muscle 23. Brachial vein...
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