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lOO CHAPTER 4 llg#HJ;'tM'sdes of the cat irt[ir." Limb' vontral AsPect ' i]'ci"uout,thialis muscte i. i".i"""*trachialis muscle j" i'""i.*tl' major muscle i. -P""**fit minor muscle i. Lriitti-ot dorsi muscle 6. EPitrochlearis muscle i. ii.,. .t t^*i ulnaris muscle g. frl*"tit longus muscle
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Unformatted text preview: ;. ;i;;"';'*iiadialis muscle r'0. Ptl""ot ietes muscle ii. i*t"tttot carPi radialis muscle 12. Brachloradialis muscle (cut) 13. CePhalic vein 14. Antebrachial fascia i.5. Ulnar nerve 16' O1. .""o" Process of ulna 1?. Flexor retinaculurn (transverse carPal ligament)...
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