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IMG_0114 - nerve Platysma muscle(reflected Lyrnph node...

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114 98 CHAPTER 4 Flgure 4-3 Deep Anatomy of Cat Hoad and Neck, left Ventrolateral View 1, Lower canine tooth Z. Upper canine rooth 3. Upper premolar tooth 4. Lower prernolar tooth 5. Body of mandible 6. Digastric muscle 7. Mylohyoid rnuscle 8. Temporalis muscle 9. Masseter nuscle 10. Dorsal branch offacial (VIi)nerve u. t'2. 13. 14, 15. t6. t7. Ventral branch of facial (VII) nerve Paroticl duct Cutaneous branch of faciai (VII)
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Unformatted text preview: nerve Platysma muscle (reflected) Lyrnph node Sternohyoid muscle Stemomastoid rnuscle (reflected) 18. Cleiclomastoid muscle 19. Omohyoid rnuscle 20. 4th cervical nerve Zl. 5th cervical nerve 22. Jugular vein 23. Subclavian vein 24. Musculocutaneous nerve 25. Radial nerve 26. Median nerve 27. Ulnar nerve 28. Thoracic nerve 29. Ventral thoracic nerver (cut) 30. Axillary nerve...
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