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IMG_0113 - jugular veilr Extemal jugular vein Larynx...

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Laboratory Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology, SiKh Edition 113 Dissections 97 Figure 4-? Superficial Anatomy of Cat Head and Neck, Ventral View 1. Body of mandible Z. Digastric muscle 3. Mylohyoid muscle 4. Buccinator muscle 5. Masseter muscle 6. Dorsal branch offacial (VIl) nerve 7. Ventral branch offacial (VII) nerve Lymph node Submar-rdibular gland Anterior fhcial vein Posterior facial vein Tiansverse
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Unformatted text preview: jugular veilr Extemal jugular vein Larynx Tiachea Sternohyoid muscle Sternomastoid muscle (unavoidably damaged on animal's right side during vascular perfusion) 8. o 10. 11. tz. lJ. 14. t5. 16. t7. 18. Cleidomastold muscle 19. Sternothyroicl rnuscle 20. Clavotrapezius muscle 21. Clavobrachialis muscle 22. Pectoantebrachialis muscle 23. Stemum...
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