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IMG_0108 - .rL 8 Bones held together by cartilage are known...

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i Human Anatomy& physlology 172 REVIEW 12 Articulations 5' Rank the following joints from least movable to most movable, with 1 being the least movable and s being the most movable. plane saddle suture syndesmosis ball_and-socket 6. What is the function of the meniscus in the knee? 7. What is the function of the labrum in the glenohumeral joint?
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Unformatted text preview: ..rL . 8. Bones held together by cartilage are known as joints. 9, A class of joint with great movement is known as a t$.T\etn\hus\c\trn.SsSNN\,Vll\ntspmiftctypeotiomtl 11. What is the name of a joint held together by a joint capsule? 12. The joint between the femur and the tibia is what specific type of joint?...
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