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LABORATORY 12 Articulations REVI Nome Lab S' Rev t,\ $' Ih :li:l'T,",#Xffi",T"f :::"*ffi""T::"fii;'$:l; rlders' 'site of elevation; it is move- ll*'fi ]"tltJ:t:l"d:ffi :uj"""iio"anddepression seen in figure 12'1'9' -' refers to movement of the feet' ,T#fi:"-:ilXllili"'"i,iruiiJir * thev race each %# Art *Iir"o*" as inversion Eversion(pronation)*'1":-.t:'illt:l:i"i"ilt"tt: version [pronatru'1 "'"i"lrr*riorr"r", be seen in IateraIIY.
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Unformatted text preview: InvqlFion an ttttttilr'?' *uscle prevents motion in eithe-r direction' rhis is done with "rt9l!ii;-*"i:"ii:::t:i ffiil, FIGURE 12.20 lnversion and Eversion (a) lnversion of the iJ; CO) eversion of the feet' This is done wun "t""#ii;;h; main force on a ioint taneously''Tht T"ttlo*r. Muscles that assrst with the f,'fit'*# tJ:?'T'?[;; ;iiilh;"'i'"' opp ose the muscle are antagonists'...
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