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IMG_0104 - Human Anatomy Physiology 168 LABORATORYI2...

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168 LABORATORYI2 Articulations FIGURE 12.16 Flexion and Extension of Selected Joints (a) Flexion and extension of the arm; (b) flexion of the thigh and leg; (c) flexion of the head; (d) flexion and extension of the forearm. Abduction flexion of the head. Examine figure 12.16 for examples of flexion, Extension is a retum to anatomical position of a part of the body that was flexed, If you are looking at your toes and lift your head back to anatomical position, you arc extending your head. Ifyou straighten yoru knee after it is bent (flexed), you Erre extending the leg. Examine figure r2.16 for examples of extension. Extension of the part of the body beyond ana- tomical position is known as hypererctension. When you are -about to roll a bowling ball and your afln reaches the very back of the arc, you are hyperextending your arm. Abduction is movement of the limbs in the coro- nal plane away from the body (abduct: to take away).
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