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Laboratory Manual to accom LABORATORY 12 Articulations (a) First-class lever Effort b)funddasslever iver is this? I fre triceps brachii muscle on the back of your arm iattached to the tip of your elbow, When you use to straighten your arm, what kind of Actions can decrease a joint angle, increase a joint angle' and cause rotation at a joint, among other movements' The specific types of actions are as follows' - 'riexion is a decrease in the
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Unformatted text preview: joint angle from anatomical position' If you bend your elbow' you "re tt"*ittg your forearm. Flexion of the thigh is in lfr" attt"tiSt direction, yet flexion of the leg is in the nostefior direction, Bending forward at the waist is hexion of the vertebral column' Looking at your toes is I i pns at Joints Idifferent kinds of movements occur at joints' These fments, controlled by muscles, are called actions' Resistance...
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