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Human Anatomy LABORATORY 12 Articulations Fibula-_- Tibia Anterior and posterior tibiotibular llgaments Calcaneus Medial ligament t. A first-class lever is one where the effort is on '' il;fi;;iih, f'ltto* and the resistance is on -- it. itt "t side. A classic example. of this is a ;;-o*, and a common examPle in humans ";; il; iltiion between the head q"d th9 ^"it"t.'f""*ine an articulated skeleton in ' ffi. il;;,l* is the fulcrum' the chin is. the ;;iti;;; *a tnt neck muscles attaching i; t#;;i;f the head are the effort (see Lateral ligam€nt: Posteriqr talolibular ligam€nt Calcaneofibular llgament Ant€rior talotibular ligament Calcaneal tendon Calcaneus Tendons of tiblalis anterior and Posterior (b) FIGURE 12.13 Ankle Joint (a) Lateral view; (b) medial view figure 12.15o)' z. n secona'class lever has the fulcrum at one end, tittlttitt*"e in the middle' and v the effort at the other end' A-wheelbarrow is a sood representati"e of a second-class lever' The *f,tJ;';f; r*i.*rn,
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