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IMG_0100 - that attaches the acetabulum to the fovea...

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Human Anatomy & Physiology LABORATORYl2 Articulations Humerus Joint capsule -Ulnar collateral ligament Trochlea Olecranon bursa Articular cartilage ,.# #a Anular--- lioament ! ,.fr Tendon of ' . fii?, ;;;*" . # Radius- (a) FIGURE 12.1O Elbow Joint (a) Anterior view; (b) sagitial section' Elbow Joint The elbow (humeroulnar and humeroradial) ioint is a complex joint having both hinge and pivot characteristics, the ulna locks into the humerus tightly but the anular ligament that wraps around the radius is commonly torn from the radial head when the forearm is abruptly pulled (see figure 12'L0). Hip Joint The hip joint is known as the acetabulofemoral ioint, As witli the shoulder joint, the acetabular labrum deep- ens the hip socket. Numerous ligaments, including the iliofemoral, pubofemoral, and ischiofemoral, bind the femur to the hip bone, The round ligament is a band of dense
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Unformatted text preview: that attaches the acetabulum to the fovea capitis of the femur. Compare the models, charts, or specimens in the lab to figure 12.11' Knee Joint The titriofemoral ioint, also known as the knee ioint' is the largest, most complex joint of the body. It consists of seveial major ligaments, including the tibial (medi' (b) / "'',.,i 14_ olecranon / '*** *' " "^T-Ulna / al) collateral ligament, the fibular (lateral) collateral ligament, the anterior cruciate ligament, and the pos' terior cruciate ligament. Another important structure is the patellar tendon' which runs from the quadriceps Round ligament (cut) Fovea capitis Head ot femur-Greater ' trochantgr 'Transverse acetabular ligament #ffFh- 'h Lateral -epicondyle ePicondYle Joint capsule Radial collateral-ligamsnt FIGURE 12.11 Acetabulofemoral Joint...
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