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LABORATORyt2 Articulations Joints Classified by Movement Articulations mav be immovabie, semimovable, or freeiy movable. Immovable yoirrts are't no*n "a.'sy*rarttroti. joints. The bones are ligntty n"""J-Uu rii"rs or hyaline r;artilage. Seruimovahle"joiirts "."*f.;l*"' "s amphiar- throtic joints, and they may be fibrous or clrtilaginous. Freely mo.vable joints ale.kno*" Jd;h*ii";oir,tr, ",ra they are alwavs svnovial ioints. Sfecifi;ilil of synoviai joints are disrlrrsstd next. ffi tu#' - Ulna ,,t
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Unformatted text preview: t' .l -, "%, i Synovial Joints Classified by Movement The synovial joints are classified acr:ordino rr m ovement they auow ile;";H;"X,X?;:i:ffi ;::jlT; joints are listed here i'-, th;;;;;;;r;;;;i[r"rt mouabl to most movable. Examine"the j"il;-;;'; articulater skeleton in lab and compare tfr"* t" ng; Ji'r.r, 1. Plane, joints allow for movement between two flat surfaces, such as lut*""" in" ,"Or* *O f Carpal bones Phalanx FIGURE 12.7 Six Major Types of Synovial Joints...
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