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, Laboratory Manualto accompany Saladin: Anatomy & physiology, Fifth Edition LABOR,ATORY l2 Articulations Fibrous connective tissue f"t .l f : ^",*F * -ili!h* -,! +i \ fb :, r ",, l t 'f' sponsy q--ll bone \ Wryru ffi {*:5' , ;f I i ,l ll lo ! (a) Suture (b) Gomphosis FIGURE 12.2 Fibrous Joints (a) Suture; (b) gomphosis; (c) syndesmosis. Another type of fibrous joint is called a s5mdesmosis (SIN-dez-MO-sis). The fibrous connective tissue is longer in these joints than in sutures or gomphoses, An example of a syndesmosis is the connection between the distal radius and ulna or the distal tibia and fibula, Examine an articu- lated skeleton in the lab and compare it to figure L2.2, Cartilaginous Joints If bones are held together by cartilage, the articulation is known as a cartilaginous joint. As in fibrous joints, if
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Unformatted text preview: the cartilage is thin between bones, the joint is immov-able, Cartilaginous joints are known as s;rnchondroses (SIN-kon-DRO-sees) (singular, synchondrosrsJ. If the carti-Iage is long, there is more movement in the joint, In one case, the cartilaginous joint is a phase in the development of the skeleton, This is an immovable joint called the epiphyseal (EP-ih-FIZ-ee-ul) plate, which is illustrated in figure 12.3. This joint eventually fuses to form a single bone. Another example of a synchondrosis is the articula-tion between the true ribs and the sternum bv the costal ,f I _H f'"31:, i 'r.! It' , .' il !"-.I--:-Lr i il:T llJ j*'l f,J'; f,'? + rJn i r 't"t: J ffi ,. " (c) Syndesmosis FIGURE 12.5 Synchondrosis lmmovable epiphyseal plate...
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