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IMG_0094 - humeral head and shaft Costal cartilages ribs...

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94 Hurnan Anatomy & physiology 158 LABORATORyt2 Articutations Bony Joints-Jolnts Co synostosis )mposed of Two Fused Bones Fibrous Jolnts-Joints Held Together by Collagenous Fibers Suture Gomphosis Syndesmosis Cartllaginous Jolnts_Joints Held Together by Cartilage Synchondrosis sYmphysis Synovial Joints-Joints E ptane inclosed by Synovial Capsule Hinge Pivot Condyloid Saddle Eall-and-socket Examples Fusion of two frontal bones into one bone Frontal and parietal bones Teeth and mandible Distal tibia and distal fibula Epiphyseal plate,
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Unformatted text preview: humeral head and shaft Costal cartilages, ribs and sternum Joint between two vertebral bodies Between carpal bones Humerus and ulna Atlas and axrs Radius and scaphoid Trapezium and first metacarpal Acetabulum and femrrr ffido_ $Tt f{u ffif4 +G r-!''+" l, 1 Jt--F l1t 'lh xh k fi !q Lap suture Dovetail joint Miter joint Butt joint FIGURE l2'l sutures Examples and locations in the sku', arong wiih cross sections and anarogous wood ioints. Bone Wood Plane suture a,...
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