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92 156 REVIEW tt Axiat Skeleton_Skuil 20. Labej the followino vomer --"vr'gr using the terms provjded, foramen magnum occipita.l condyle ;J::::,:'t;ess or maxilra jnternal nu,.u*-''" d:il:|;Hilar Protubs'.'. . t Hurnan Anatorn y & physiotogy o,___-.---___- ""--=--=---- e. h. l-:1-=-=- i k. ----------- t.-=-=.-=-_=-__
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Unformatted text preview: body angle carotid cana.l palatine mastojd proces.s mastoid notch 9. 2L. Label the followino rarnus --'vrrrBil'lu'stration mental forarnen coronoid process using the terms provided. mandibular notch condyjojd process l.\ t C # l'; t .-==-----=_d,.-_-.-__"r\---T-----=-.-e. + s, - .-=--=---==_...
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