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13. What is the name of the bone that makes up most of the REVIEW 1l Axial Skeleton-Skull posterior surface of the orbit? 14. What are the two bony structures that make up the nasal septum? 15. The mastoid process is located on which bone? 16. The sagittal suture separates the - from the a. sphenoid, ethmoid b, left parietal, right parietal c. frontal, parietal
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Unformatted text preview: d. parietals, occipital 17. Which bone does nof occur in the orbit? a. maxilla b. zygomatic c. ethmoid d. sphenoid e. temporal r8. Which bone is nof a paired bone of the skull? a. zygomatic b, temporal c. lacrimal d. vomer 19, Based on what you know about the maxillary sinus, why would a significant impact to the maxilla create a difficult situation for healing than would the fracture of a long bone?...
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