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152 LA,BORATORYll Axial Skeleton-Skull Optic foramen Lesser Sella turcica Dorsum sellae Lesser wing - Greater wing Body Foramsn ovale , t .- PrOceSS l* * =----- Foramen ovale q'-_- Foramen spinosum Hypophyseal {ossa Foramen rotundum Anterior clinoid Superior view w. i Dorsum sellae Superior orbital lissure Foramen rotundum Lateral Medial (a) pterygoid Plate pterygoid plate Pterygoid Processes Posterior view Lesser wing Greater wing Dorsum sellas Lateral pterygoid plate Medial pterygoid plate Squamous portion Petrous portion lnternal acoustic moatus Zygomatic process Mastoid process Styloid process F:* - , ,q' *"- /rhd r#* f 'u* t:, Greater wing Lesser wing Hypophyseal lossa Sella turcica Foramen ovale Dorsum sellae FIGURE 11.11 Sphenoid Bone Diagram (a) superior and posterior views. Photograph
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Unformatted text preview: (b) superior view; (c) posterior view' Temporal The temporal bone is a paired cranial bo^ne that has a ,qn"*orrs portion that is the lateral part-of the bone and forms part of the cranial vault. There is also a medial part of the temporal called the petrous portion' The petrous portion contains the ear osiicles and the opening of the internal acoustic meatus, as seen in the medial view of it" tt*pot"l bone in figure 1"1.12' Examine an isoiated i"*por"i bone and locaie the zygomatic process' which articulates with the zygomatic bone, the mastoid process' can be palpated (felt) as a bump posterior to the ear, and other features in figure 11.12' FIGURE 11.12 Right Temporal Bone, Medial View...
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