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LABORATORYll AxialSkeleton-Skull 151 of the ethmoid that lines the medial wall of the orbit, The middle nasal conchae can be seen from the nasal cavity as well, but the superior nasal conchae are best seen by looking at an inferior view of the skull through the internal nares or at a midsagittal view with the nasal septum removed. Examine isolated ethmoid bones in the lab and find the crista galli, cribriform plate, and other structures, as shown in figure 11.10. cribriform -_____r plate f -f Sphenoid The sphenoid bone is seen in figure 11.11, Examine an isolated sphenoid bone in the lab and locate the greater
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Unformatted text preview: wings, the lesser wings, the medial and lateral pterygoid plates, the sella turcica, the dorsum sellae, and other fea-tures, as seen in figure 11.11. The sella turcica has a small depression in it called the hypophyseal fossa in which the pituitary gland sits, Ethmoid air cells Perpendicular plate Middle nasal concha Cribriform --*----l$:=!gffi -ffi-*- Crista ga|Ii rorarnna , f,wF*# Tq ' qF-::s;'!T fit&_n,,nn," nasal concha Middle nasal concha Perpendicular -plate (a) t&, ',,*f'*ti: Ethmoid air cells Cribritorm plate Crista galli Perpendicular plate FIGURE 11.1O Ethmoid Bone Diagram (a) anterior view, Photograph (b) anterior view; (c) superior view....
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