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IMG_0081 - ol ethmoid bone Nasal bone Pari€tal bons...

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Human AnatomY 148 LABORATORY 11 Axial Skeleton-Skull ff il'JTj-::il:1 jffi H;:''HHJ""'"ilil1*::ff ;*:'; ffi#il;;':*:-1?il"ilt:T:ffi::f.T"'Si"'l];' ,,,Jl3 Jff fiili iit ;:#:trktnl n*l;;,fi : ff:l; ltttt *"gtt"* and the il f;t;;"d bY the occiPital bone' Midsagittal Section of the Skull Be extremely careful luith the midsagittal- section of the skull because many "Jil$ iltffi stlructures are fragile' ilt;itg"t" 11"6 as a-guidSao*, .o*nose{ .of the vomer, *l'"'lfttih'"1"'w tr i1x'""iTsl'L!lf i"'1 113 Coronal suture Frstd bone Sphenoid Frontal $inus Crista galli Cribrilorm Plate
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Unformatted text preview: ol ethmoid bone Nasal bone Pari€tal bons TsmPoral bon€ OcciPital bone squamous sutul€ Salla turcica Lambdoid suture lnternal acoustic meatus Jugular loramen Hyioglossal canal Foramen magnum Mastoid Prooess Styloid Process Mandibular loramen Parietal bone Sphenoid sinus TemPoral bone Pernendicular Plate ot dthmoid bone Vomer bone Maxilla Palatine Process ot maxilla Palatine bone Mandible-=__---(a) Frontal bone Frontal sinus Hard Palate Mandibular loramen Mandible lnternal acoustic msatus Oocipital bone ,.\"r",$il1.3,'$iL!l$i:ittarsection (b)...
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