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Unformatted text preview: Human Anatomy & physiology i I I I I 76 14O Review lO Axial Skeleton, Vertebrae, Ribs, Sternum, Hyoid 6. Determine from what part of the spinal column the vertebra in the photograph comes, How can you tell? 7. What is the name of the superior portion of the sternum? B. What structures make up the vertebral arch,/ 9' The superior artictrlar process of a vertebra articulates with what specific structure? 10. How many lumbar vertebrae are in the human body? 11. Name the second cervical vertebra. 12. Which spinal curvature is the most superior? 13, Does the hyoid bone have any solid bony attachments? 14' A rib that attaches to the sternum by the cartilage of another rib has what name? 15' Is the angle ofthe rib on the anterior or posterior side ofthe bodv?- Laboratory Manual to accompany Saladin: Anatomy & Physiology' Fifth Edition 77 LABORATORY Axial Skeleton-Skull *lNTRoDucrloN The skull consists of two malor regions' the cranium and the face. The 'turi"i"' iht'mott"complex region of the skeletal system ""o ""i- ""'fV houses the brain but contains a significant "ttrnt"' oJ the'sense otg.1l* as well' The cranrum consists *"t'fiJfi"t bones' while the face is composed of irregulaJiiitt' r" this exercise you learn the detaiis of the skull ""Jtil" """toyr1'of ,thlfetai skull' These topics "'u al"t""i itt tft" Sl"ain text in chapter B, "The Skeletal SYstem" OBJECTIVES At the end of this exercise you should be able to r, list all the bones of the cranium and the major features of those bones; ,, itririiiit. u"t"' oiirtl'face and the major features of those bones; 3, name all the bones that occur singiy or in pairs in the skull;- ffii; tt; major foramina of the skull; t, t".*t tftt maior sutures of the skull;' i,'irri"l the fontanels of the fetal skuil' MATERIALS Disarticulated skuli' if available Articulated skulls with the caivaria cut Foam pads to cushion skulls from the desktop Feial skulls Pipe cleaners or plastic straws for pointer tips PROCEDURE General Considerations Familiarize yourself with the bones of the skuli in the cranium and the t"'u' ft'u skull bones in the cranium are listed with " "rr-nt"'"f* il; ""me of the bone indicat- ing whether ttt" Uo"t"otcrrm si"giy or as a pair' Take a skul1 back to Your lab table and in figure 11.1' Bones of the Cranium locate the bones listed You can remember the bones of the cranium with the mnemonic "of pets'" n"t'ft fttt"t represents a cranial bone li;: r", ;;;,p;io'r,'/' ror frontot''t' , ' " ;h.";;;tt of tt't f"to "tu Iisted next' b"";;';" ;h; 't'-,tt i'.t ihe lab' as shown in frontal (1) occipital (r) sphenoid (1) 11.2, and 11.3' Bones ofthe Face maxilla (2) mandible (1) .romer (1) lacrimal (2) parietal (2) temporal (2) ethmoid (1) The faciai bones can be remembered' by this mne- monic device:,,fufunnli*"tes naturally, insane zigzags oleasins Vera Lynn"' Th;'il; t**"t (Mannv and Vera) ,".,rur"nt the singie b;;';f ^il face [mandible and ;"";.;';;i it'"ot["t bones are Paired' , , As you iocate the #;iJ;JJi""ial...
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IMG_0077 - Human Anatomy& physiology i I I I I 76 14O...

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