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IMG_0074 - BodY Sternoclavicular ioint Acromioclavicular...

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74 Human AnatomY & PhYsiologY True ribs (1-7) False ribs (8-12) Floating ribs (1 1-1 2) (b) FIGURE 1O.14 Thoracic Cage (a) Diagram; (b) photograph 138 \_/_cosrarmarsin Median suPrasternal notch Clavicular notch Manubrium Angle Costal notches
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Unformatted text preview: BodY Sternoclavicular ioint Acromioclavicular joi ll1"u;.1" -.----I I I Scapula Pectoral girdle Costal notches Xiphoid Process Costal cartilages 7 '-/-t' 8 _.,' I 10 11. 12i" T12 . .,: L1 (a)...
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