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Laboratory Manual to accompany Sa\adin: Anatomy &Physio\oE'' Frt\h Edinlon T3 l- LABORATORY 10 Ax\a\ Ske\e\on' \eteb\ae' R\bs' S\'eInum' HYoid Neck--t Head Tubercle - I \ | '.,' &"F l r*' ll *l ' I Suoerior lnferior ArticularfacetJ for transverse ^;;^:" - Articular facets r'----- for vertebral bodies Costal groove 137 Angle of rib Tubercle ot rib Neck ol rib Head of rib Facet Body __r Costal groove f-1 Shaft / (a) Head Neck Tubercle notice istance of the lwn as have a ie prior ls more s aiong Sroove. .e blunt you are ;rue rib 'rtilage. as theY ternum hey do ;e. Ribs ilage of ral ribs rd their l 11 and rs float- ral ribs. )ompare he supe- um) and (b) Superior articular lacet _\ \ \{ \ Superior facet for rib 6 T6 (c) FIGURE IO'13 lndividual and Articulated Ribs (a) Diagram of an individual rib; (b) photograph of an individual rib; (c) dia- gram of an articulated rib; (d) photograph of an ariiculated rib the depression at the top of the manubrium is the median *pttJtttnuf notch (jufiular notch)' The lateral
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Unformatted text preview: indenta-iio'nr.t. the claviculainotches. The main portion of the ,trrnut is the body, and between the body andlhe manu-ltiut it the sternil angle. This is a landmark for finding the second rib when r'.tittg a stethoscope to listen to heart sounds, Locate the costal notches on the body of the ster-not. fhest are where the cartilages of the ribs attach' The narrow, bladelike part that is the most inferior segment of the sternum is the xiphoid (ZYE-foyd) process' Care must be taken when perfoiming cardiopulmonary-resuscitation (CPR) so that piessure is applied to the body of the ster-,rll- ".ta not to the xiphoid process' If the force is applied lo the xiphoid proceis it could be fractured and driven into the iiver. Examine the structures of the sternum on lab specimens and in figure 10.14. .\_ -lubercle I .: \-Necp I Rib 6 '. -___uead __l...
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