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136 LABORATORY IO Axial Skeleton, Vertebrae, Ribs, Sternum, Hyoid FIGURE 10.11 Forces Acting on the Sacrum (a) Rectangular sacrum; (b) wedge-shaped sacrum. Ribs There are 12 pairs of ribs in the human, and these, along with the sternum, make up the thoracic cage. Each rib has a head that articulates with the body of one or more vertebrae, On the head is a facet, the site of articulation with the ver- tebral body. A constricted region near the head is the neck ofthe rib, Locate this on figure 10,13. The process near the neck on ribs 1-10 is the tubercle of the rib. This tubercle articulates with the hansverse process of the vertebra. (a) (b) Body FIGURE 10.12 Hyoid Bone, Anterior View (a) ln situ; (b) details of hyoid. Examine the articulated skeleton in the Iab and notice that the shaft of the ribs bends at about the same distance from the midline of the body as the inferior angle of the scapula. This can be seen on ribs 2-10 and is known as the angle of the rib or the costal angle. Some ribs have a
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