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Anterior view Posterior view Laboratory Manualto accompany Saladin: Anatomy & Physiology, Fifth Edition Cervical vertebrae dy of the ihe trans- a broad, ; and the gure L0.2, in lateral the supe- ular facet rra above, ular pro- ates with vertebrae na, holes i ale seen lok at the and note rese t0 an ate from s convex position. l lumbar vature is posture. ln to the al spinal osis (KY- i lordosis l,5). ansverse ocess lervertebral tamen {{ -Coccy CoccYx (a) FIGURE lO.4 overview of the Vertebral Column Cervical Vertebrae There are seven cervical vertebrae (C1-C7), and these can be distinguished from all other vertebrae in that each vertebra has three foramina. The vertebral foramen is the largest opening, and the two transverse foramina are specific to the cervical vertebrae, The transverse foramina house the vertebral arteries and vertebral veins. Some of the cervical vertebrae (C2*C6) have bifid (BY-fid) spinous processes (meaning split in two), and the bodies of the cervical vertebrae are ]ess massive than those below, Examine
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