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LABORATORY 1O Axial Skeleton, Vertebrae, Ribs, Sternum, Hyoid Spinous Superior articular facet Transverse process Vertebral foramen Body and examine it for the iypical features (see figure 1"0.2). Place the vertebra in front of you so you can see through the large hole known as the vertebral foramen. Note that the large body of the vertebra supports the weight of the vertebral column and is in contact with the inter- vertebtal discs. Note also the vertebral foramen, a hole where the spinal cord is located, and the vertebral (or neural) arch, whlch consists of two pedicles (pED-ik- uls) and two laminae (LAM-in-aye). The pedicles are the parts of the arch that extend from the body of thr vertebra to the two lateral projections called the trans verse processes, Each lamina (LAM-in-uh) is a broad flat structure between the transverse process and thr dorsal spinous process. Ifyou rotate the vertebra as illustrated in figure 10,2 you should be able to see the vertebral body in latera view, with_the superior articular process
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