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Laboratory Manual to accompany Saladin: Anatomy & physiology, Fifth Edition i Axial Skeleton, Vertebrae, Ribs, SternUffi, Hyoid The axial skeleton consists of B0 bones, including the skull, hyoid bone, vertebrae, stemum, and ribs, In this exercise you examine all parts of the axial skeleton except for the skull. Details of the skull are covered separately in Laboratory Exercise 11, There are five regions of the vertebral column. s6ffiere are cervical (SERVE-ik-ul), thoracic (thor-All-sic), and lumbar vertebrae and vertebrae that make up the sacrum and the coccyx. There are 33 individual vertebrae, and they form the vertebral column, Some fuse into larger structures, such as the sacrum, The thoracic cage consists of the 12 pairs of ribs and the sternum, which protect the lungs and hbart yet polide flexibility during breathing, The hyoid bone ii a small, floating bone between the floor of the mouth and the upper anterior neck. These topics are discussed ftrrther in the Saladin text in chapter 8, "The Skeletal System."
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