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IMG_0061 - in the ankle versus the number of bones in the...

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Human Anatomy & physiology 12€ 23. REVIEW 9 Appendicular Skeleton what is the name of the bone of the foot that joins with the tibia and fibura? 24, Match the bone with the region it comes from. a. hallux b, ilium c. clavicle d, scaphoid hip bone hand upper extremity pectoral girdle l . e. radius foot 2,s How many bones
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Unformatted text preview: in the ankle versus the number of bones in the wrist? 26, Label the parts of the scapula in the following ilJustration. Use the terms provided. medial border scapular spine acromion process infraspinous fossa supraspinous fossa inferior angle coracoid process Iateral border g....
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