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lntercondylar eminence ----::=-:-. .^. .._--1- Medial - LABORATORY 9 Appendicular Skeleton _--_ Lateral condyle j- r- - Apex b - Head of fibula ll lntercondylar eminence Medial condyle Head of fibula Medial malleolus Lateral malleolus 121 fier that h"). The nai head re lateral rint with lut is an r the lab he talus, ly beiow mmonly the taius te cunei- l, or first, iand the imens in ne is not ral of the eiform is s is with lrv. lne .Sul borr" and lat- s in that big toe, The pat- he hand, rd distal rroximal Iab and t.11. atures
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Unformatted text preview: of rself and and see-tures. :e you are I name all- Base _Articular tacets-Apex-l condyle tl -,t"l:i'r", tibiotibutar---//t .t J, -Ll|$tor* \ k tr,t{ t Lateral sudace- Anterior crest i _Tibia _ Fibula_ I Distal tibiofibular joint -----. .-_j , *v^r. o - 1 i. Nledial- *' Lateral malleolus---i.: malleolus - Lateral malleolus (a) Anterior view Posterior view Lateral condyle Tibial tuberosity Head ot libula Medial malleolus Lateral malleolus (b) FIGURE 9.lO Right Tibia and Fibula (a) Diagram; (b) photograph...
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