Psyc317 Lec 14 Notes

Psyc317 Lec 14 Notes - Psyc317 Lec 14 Notes: Categorization...

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Unformatted text preview: Psyc317 Lec 14 Notes: Categorization 19/10/2007 13:09:00 Funes, the Memorious by Jorge Luis Borges (1942) o Funes was incapable of general, platonic ideas What is categorization? The process by which people group objects or events , treating them as alike Categories are economical, because they allow us to identify objects or events without having to analyze them every time anew Categories are informative, because they provide us with expectations, or allow inferences , about its members What God had to say about categories Adam gave names to all the creatures God created Categories were created and constructed by Adam Or different interpretation: Adam discovered the categories that existed in the world, because God already knew the categories and what they would be since he created Adam as well There are many possible relationships between things, in ways they are similar, that would give you many different categories Opposing views on the construction of categories Constructivist: people dictate which categories are build Realist reality dictates what categories are built Hard-core constructivism Physical and social world of child is a continuum discriminating grid that serves to distinguish world as being composed of a large number of separate things o Leach 1973) Dupr: promiscuous realism Soft-core constructivism Theory-based categorization o 1. How similar is the object to: a pizza? A quarter? Most people say a quarter o 2. How likely is it the object is a) or b)? most people would say theres no way this could be a quarter because its too big but pizzas can be different sizes Realist groups of plants and animals present themselves to the human observer as a series of discontinuities whose structure and content are seen by all human beings in essentially the same ways, as perceptual givens. o Berlin (1992) Soft-realism / universal constructionism People build categories based on theories they have about the world...
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Psyc317 Lec 14 Notes - Psyc317 Lec 14 Notes: Categorization...

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