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Human Anatomy & Physiology 112 LABORATORY9 AppendicularSkeleton (d) FIGURE 9.3 Clavicle Diagram (a) Sternal end Sternal end superior view; (b) inferior view, Photograph (c) superior view; (d) inferior view the clavicle is the sternal end and the horizontally flat- tened end is the acromial end. Note the conoid (CON- oyd) tubercle on the inferior surface of the clavicle, Examine the clavicles in the lab and compare them to figure 9.3. The arm transmits force to the clavicle, sand- wiched between the scapula and the sternum, Upper Extremity Humerus The humerus is a long bone that articulates with the scap- ula at its proximal end and with the radius and ulna at its distal end. The head of the humerus is a hemispheric structure that ends in a rim known as the anatomical neck. The anatomical neck is the site of the epiphyseal line. The humerus has two large proximal processes, the great- er tubercle, the largest and most laterai process, and the lesser tubercle, which is medial and smaller, These pro- cesses are attachment
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