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110 LABORATORY 9 AppendicularSkeleton OcciPital bone l-clavicte Pectoral -l girdle l-ScaPuta I swrnum ---------------- Tho6crcl Rtos -------<; :. cage f-costal cartilaget ----- - Vertebral column [-Hio oon petvis --"1=lacrum CoccYx carpus------{j'; i .,], MetacarPal-----ff. I bones "-' t Phalanges-1' .i l': ,,g", ,","nu \'=l \i ,;,' liL.l i :.
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Unformatted text preview: I qi !'1 1 i :1 l, &quot; F&quot;tu' il-ff* q&quot;.f *. EI irI ' i tritlula i,L-_=-Tibia ':b ; :clt [; :: a 'j, i;i L ' futr t4 .n ,'1 ;l ,,,$, tLilj t'' Metatarsal bones Phalanges r i r&quot; *'1 \ L*' +t' *#. ffio (b) Posterior vie$r (a) Anterior view FIGURE 9.r Bones of the Appendicurar skereton, shaded in Green...
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