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Laboratory Atlas oiAnatomy and Physiology, Sixth Edition Histology 1t Prostate Gland Mucos:rl surfaces, linccl lvith tall colutnnar cclls and ciar:kly staincd l';r.lrI ttttclr'i, itr( irrt'ilngcrl itt ttttmr'f,rtt: cleep folds. Lumina open clili:ctly inttr prostatrc urcthra. Srnooth urusclc arlcl fi brocollagc-noLrs strorrlir surroturt[ lLunin:tl stmcturcs. Hurnan. ( X 50) Columnal epithelium Smooth muscle and fibrocollagenous bundles Penis Two corpora cavenrosir lie strpe rittr t,) {j nUl( C{ rrpu\ \lolIgi()rUln C( rlll;liI IillI: peniIc r-rrethra. Scptum benvcen corpotil cilvc-rnos:l is incomplete. Dcnse 1lbrous colrllectivc tissuc, tunica albuginca, surlounrls the three vascttlar cavcrn()sa. Tht: inlbrior aspect appcars on tl'rc lcit,
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Unformatted text preview: the supcrior aspect on thc right. ( X 5 ) Tunica albuginea Corpora cavernosa Urethra Corpus spongiosum Ovary with Numerous Primordial Follicles and Two Primary Follicles Primorclial iollicles contain (xlcytcs that arc t'tot stimr,riatetl to completc thc lirst mtriotic tlivision. Tivo primirry follicles cach coutain all ()\/Lrnl with ancl clcar surrtttruding cytt'r1-rlasrn. Thin, ck:ar zona pellucida is surrounclecl by a ring ttf ct'ett ctLboiclal c-.clls, rhe corona radiata. ( x 25 ) Corona radiata Primary follicles Cytoplasm lvlembrane ol ovum Primordial fr:llicle 41 ffi- ",1 W1 nl '"1 tI I F i'*l '**"1-;l ffi-*Y.,1 '. s "r'l sa I Fr;, I $l;?. I 'ilIt;/' I t&l.lf I...
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