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40 Human AnatomY 40 CHAPTER 1 SpefmatOzoa [{t'aJ c"ttl;tittt lltllllcr(rLI: ]lr"ot. . an.l ttucku: rvirh l)NA Tlrick i,,i.i,',i.-' j"., r"lrirr'l h' a'l i' 1':rck'''l u irh rr-ritt'rclrt,n.lrir' ( X 150) Enididymis TnIl' l"''tt'l"st''rrti6c'l c'rlutntt;ir :ili"i i;;; rvirlr rrricr .'r'illi'trrr\ rtr'rl: a lurn,rt p',c[''J ititlr cltrrnp- ()l :f('rlll:rI(r-() l' il:;;;,:"; l.',.J,'r rr rrr rr rth rnu:c lt' r'r'l l' c:ncircles cach tubulc'
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Unformatted text preview: Head of sPerm MidPiece Tail Pseuriostratilied columnar epithelium Spermatozoa in lumen Smooth muscle Spermatozoa in lumen -Columnar ePithelium of mucosa Ductus Deferens (liliatr:cl colurnnar , ,.rrrr h.:liltl cr'll. I irt'''l \l\\'rlnilt\)z( )n -n I lc(l il ,".',. it.,'.''' l'ft " "t' 'n11rrlll tnttscl' r'r'lli .i*,,un.t ,nu,"*:l' '' tittttl'tr lav*'r lrt'tur't'tt t*n, lor-tgit,-,.1it-t't1 t"'t"5' ( X 50) I-Smooth muscle...
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