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38 CHAPTER 1 Figure 1-91 Two Glomeruli and Glomorulat Gapsules "Lacy" edges of.glomerulus on left shows characteristics of pregnancy'induced hlpertension (PIH), here induced experimentally in a pregnant ral (x50) Figure 1-92 Diital Gonvolutod Tubules Lined with Cuboidal Epithelium Cross section ftom rat' (x400) Cuboidal cell Figure 1-93 Uriter Star-shaped
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Unformatted text preview: lumen is lined with transitional epithelium that varies in thickness to change shaPe as lumen stretches. Delicate lamina propria separates epithelium from altemating layers of circular and longitudinal smooth muscle. (xZ5) Space in glomerular caPsules Glomeruli Transitional epithelium Lumen Smooth muscle and adventitial connective tissue...
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