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36 36 CHAPTER 1 l::iriir1. '1,lr1. Gallbladder Mucosal folds are covcred by epithelium with well-cleveklped n-ricroviili' Lamina propria contains blood vessels' (xz5) Mucosal folds Muscularis Lamina ProPria Blood vessel , l:1,1 r:rir ;. 1 Vermiform Appendix (Cross Section) (Jverall structure resembles that of colon' Large, darkly staining structures are lymphoicl follicles, the size and number of which clecreasc with agc. Human' (x3 ) Lumen Lymphoid follicle
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Unformatted text preview: (germinal center) , i::l li. ' '. Su[lingual Salivary Gland Large, pale, muc-us-secre ling r]clls, stlrne with caps of se rous demilunes' sccrcte their ctmtents into clucts that rnay be linecl with str:iatetl epithe hal cells intlicative of ion exchange ac.rivity. (X 100) Epithelial cells Salivary duct Serous demilunes l. lb.-:.- '. I ."t:l - \ d|t ./ ^-r* ,^ { "-{ vi ,\ i t" t., q{L---l-t I t r'. . \ \ Nl I,T , i.ry tL tt'-"\*-' -t{...
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