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Laboratory Atlas of Anatomy and physiology, Sixth Edition Histology Figure 1-84a Liver with Central Vein and Sinusoids Parenchymal hepatocytes lie in radial arrangement around central vein that is lined with single endothelial layer. Cords of hepatocytes are separated by spaces (sinusoids). Sinusoidai surface is covered by microvilli. (x 100) Kupffer cell Sinusoid Hepatocyte Central vein 3sl Figure 1-84b Livor The liver consists of numerous lobules, A single lobule is in the center of view. At the junction
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Unformatted text preview: of three adlacent lobes is a bile duct, a branch of the hepatic artery, and a branch of the hepatic portal vein. These three tubes are called a triad. (x4o) Figure 1-84c liver A single liver lobule consisrs of a central vein (shown in the center), which collects blood as it flows through narrow endothelial.lined channels, or sinusoids. The cells bordering the sinusoids are called hepatocytes. (X400) Hepatocytes Sinusoids Central vein...
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