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IMG_0034 - Goblet cell Lymphocyte Figure 1-83 Largo...

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Human Anatomy & Physiology 34 CHAPTER 1 Figure 1'82 Small Intestino, Villi of lleum (Cross Section) Goblet cells emptying contents through brush border surface are evident. Core of villus contains blood vessels, lymph channels, and lymphocytes. Human. (x100) Core of villus Brush border
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Unformatted text preview: Goblet cell Lymphocyte Figure 1-83 Largo lntestine {Golon} {Cross Sectionl Surface is thrown into folds but devoid of villi. Thick submucosa contains blood vessels and lymph channels. ( x 10) Lumen Mucosa Muscularis Submucosa Blood vessel Lymph channel...
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