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IMG_0033 - by thi rounclc.l apical surfaces of thc...

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Laboratory Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology, Sixth Edition 33 HistologY )) Stomach Mucosa Vsible at cntrances t() gastric pits are lrlucus-secrcting goblet cells of coh-nnnar e pithe lium. f)eepcr in pits are acid-sr:crcting pariet:ll ceils anci enzylnc- sccretitlg chief cc1ls. Endocrinc-strct'cttns cclls near tip of pits are nonc,:llutnnar anil smaller, r'r'ith clark, rouncl nuc-.lei. (-ir'rstric pits petretlatc cleep into sttbrntrcosal laycr. Eclgc of muscularis layer is visiblc. (X 50) Gastric pits Endocrine cells Goblet cells Parietal cells Chief cells Gastric Pit Tl'rc opening of a gastric pit ilrto thr- stomach,
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Unformatted text preview: by thi: rounclc.l apical surfaces of thc colurntrar cpitheliirl cclls of the mucos?r. Scanrling e lectron micrograph. (x50) Small lntestine, Villi of lleum (longitudinal Section) Numerorts palc goblet cells punctuil te columnal epi theliurn tl'ra t covcr-c cach villus. ('bre ttf viilus contains slnall bkroci vessels antl blrncl lyrnph channel (l:rc.teal). Dcep in c.rypts arc etrt]r-rcrine c.clls' idcntifiiiblc as clark, rouud nrrclt:i it'r a noncolumnar cytoplasm. HtLrurn. (x 50) Endocrine cells Blood vessel and lacteal Goblet cell Simple columnar epithelium 11 ji. r.i...
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