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PNS Lecture Notes - PNS Lecture Notes PNS-Autonomic and...

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PNS Lecture Notes PNS-Autonomic and somatic (division of autonomic broken into 2 subdivisions, parasympathetic and sympathetic) Somatic-involves cranial and spinal nerves and motor control PNS-everything but brain and spinal cord that consists of nervous tissue Provides links to and from external environment Autonomic Nervous System- Efferent -Cell body of 1 st part is located in CNS, known as the preganglionic neuron, then fibers of preganglionic neuron branch to connect with a ganglion. Postganglionic neuron leaves the ganglion and travels to an organ or whatever it travels to Dual innervation to all organs-this allows for innervations to be sped up and slowed down throughout PNS -parasympathetic and sympathetic Distinguished by several factors (more detail later in lecture) *Know differences of parasympathetic and symp Parasympathetic neurons come from the cervical and sacral area of brainstem Sympathetic neurons come from the thoracic or lumbar regions of brainstem *Sympathetic- short preganglionic fiber, long postganglionic fiber *Parasympathetic-opposite Sympathetic trunk-area outside the spinal cord where all of the ganglia belonging to the sympathetic nervous system are located Sympathetic Nervous System-“fight or flight” -affects sweat glands and muscles that make hair stand up externally
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-anything psychologically stressing E activities: exercise, excitement, emergency, embarrassment
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PNS Lecture Notes - PNS Lecture Notes PNS-Autonomic and...

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